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Fiduciary Services

Compliance is always taxing, especially when you have so much on your plate.

At The 401k Shop, we understand that compliance is taxing, and especially so without a fiduciary system. It’s even worse once you tack on the myriad responsibilities a plan sponsor deals with during their day. Our fiduciary services attempt to take the stress out of 401k plans by assisting the trustee in their compliance responsibilities. Through our partnership with Retirement Plan Advisory Group, we offer a standardized fiduciary system and a 57-point compliance checklist. Our fiduciary services help with issues such as:


  • Selecting and monitoring fiduciaries
  • Selecting and monitoring service providers
  • Understanding and documenting fees and expenses
  • Selecting and monitoring plan investments
  • Maintaining a fiduciary file
  • Plan demographic and document review
  • Legal and compliance updates