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Proper investments are one of the catalysts to a successful retirement.

At The 401k Shop, our knowledgeable 401k advisors partner with plan sponsors across the country striving to provide the best possible retirement outcome for their participants. Our 401k advisors bring these tools to the table:


  • An affiliation with the research teamat Retirement Plan Advisory Group led by Chartered Financial Analyst designation holders. This means that our research is tailored to the retirement plan marketplace.
  • A transparent and easy-to-understand fee structure. At The 401k Shop, you’ll never be confused about the costs within your plan.
  • Open-architecture plans.We strive to offer best-in-class funds without restrictions.
  • A straightforward zero to ten pass/fail criteria. This enables us to rate funds, fund managers, and investment strategies, so you’ll never be confused about our 401k provider
  • 15 qualitative and quantitative metrics. We use these to determine a coherent retirement strategy for participants of all ages, meaning the participant’s needs are put first.